his site exists in order to entertain and inform about the history of our sport. It has grown from small beginnings into the largest reference site on the Internet on this specialist subject; as such it is a free resource for everyone to use. Although the material here is copyright and the usual rules apply, in the best spirit of the Internet you are welcome to quote short sections from it, as long as you make it clear where the material comes from give a link to this site . That way, people who want to learn more about the subject will be able to follow up on it easily.

    If you are interested in ordering a copy of my history of fly fishing, from which the material on this site is derived, click here to e-mail the Medlar Press, The Grange, Ellesmere, Shropshire, England. This book is on sale now; it runs to just under 400 pages; the preface is by John Betts and the foreword is by Fred Buller. Why buy it? Well, it contains a vast amount of material that I simply can't fit in here. Second, there hasn't ever been a comprehensive history of fly fishing published - ever.

    There are some very good books on particular periods, countries, or types of fly fishing, but no-one has ever attempted to cover the whole thing before. The Fly is just about to appear in a paperback edition now that the limited is virtually sold out and a second limited edition volume (subtly called The Flies) will contain details of every major fly pattern from medieval times to the 1899.

    My collector's edition facsimile of the Treatyse of Fishing with an Angle can be ordered from the same publisher.

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