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Anon, Fly-Fishing in Salt and Fresh Water, 1851  
Ashley Cooper, The Great Salmon Rivers of Scotland, Gollancz, 1980  
Anon, The Arte of Angling, 1577 Fly Fisher's Classic Libraryand also by Princeton University Press in 1956 and 1958 - both these editions are still quite cheap.
Bainbridge, The Fly Fisher's Guide, 1816 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Barker, Barker's Delight or The Art of Angling, 1651  
Belton, The Angler in Ireland, 1834  
Best, A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling, 1786
Bickerdyke, The Book of the All-Round Angler, 1922  
Bowlker, The Art of Angling, 1746  
Brookes, The Art of Angling now Improved with Additions and Formed into a Dictionary, 1766  
Brown, American Angler's Guide, 1845  
Carrere, La pesca de la trucha con mosca artificial, 1963  
Carter Platts, Modern Trout Fishing, 1938  
Chetham, The Angler's Vade Mecum, 1681  
Cholmondelely-Pennell, The Modern Practical Angler, 1870  
Cholmondely-Pennell (ed), Fishing, The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes, 1885  
Cholmondely-Pennell, Modern Improvements in Fishing Tackle, 1887  
Chitty, The Illustrated Fly-Fisher's Text-Book, 1845  
Cole, The Young Angler's Pocket Companion, or a New and Complete Treatise on the Art of Angling, 1795  
Cutcliffe, Trout Fishing in Rapid Streams, 1863  
Daniel, Rural Sports, 1807  
Dennys ed. Lawson, Secrets of Angling, 1690 Best source - 'Social England Illustrated' Cooper Square (1964) Out of print
Dewar, The Art of Fly Making, 1855 Dewar, The Book of the Dry Fly, 1897  
Dunne, Sunshine and the Dry Fly, 1924  
Fitzgibbon (ed), A True Treatise on the Art of Fly Fishing, Trolling etc., 1838  
Fitzgibbon, A Handbook of Angling, 1847  
Fitzgibbon, The Book of the Salmon, 1850 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Fortin, Les Ruses Innocentes , 1660  
Foster, The Scientific Angler, 1882  
Francis, A Book on Angling, 1867 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Franck, Northern Memoirs, 1694  
Gingrich, The Joy of Trout, 1973  
Goddard and Clarke, The Trout and the Fly, 1980  
Goodspeed, Angling in America, 1939. Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Hale, How to Tie Salmon Flies, 1892 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Halford, Floating Flies and How to Dress Them, 1886 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Halford, Dry-Fly Fishing in Theory and Practice, 1889 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Halford, An Angler's Autobiography, 1903 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Halford, Modern Development of the Dry Fly, 1910  
Halford, The Dry Fly Man's Handbook, 1913  
Harding, The Fly Fisher and the Trout's Point of View, 1931  
Hardy, Salmon Fishing, 1907 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Harris, An Angler's Entomology, 1952  
Henshall, The Book of the Black Bass, 1923  
Hewitt, A Trout and Salmon Fisherman for Seventy-five Years, 1948  
Hewitt, Secrets of the Salmon, 1922  
Hills, A History of Fly Fishing for Trout, 1921 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Hills, A Summer on the Test, 1930 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Hills, River Keeper, 1934  
Hi-Regan, How and Where to Fish in Ireland, 1886  
Hoffmann, Fishers' Craft and Lettered Art, University of Toronto Press, 1997  
Howlett, The Angler's Sure Guide, 1706  
Jacob, The Compleat Sportsman, 1718  
Kelson, The Salmon Fly, 1895 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
LaBranche, The Salmon and the Dry Fly, 1924  
Lawson, The Secrets of Angling, by J. D. Esquire. Augmented with many proved experiments, 1620  
Mackintosh, The Driffield Angler, 1806  
Malone, Irish Trout and Salmon Flies, 1984 Coch-y-bonddu Books
Marinaro, A Modern Dry Fly Code, 1950  
Marinaro, In the Ring of the Rise, 1976  
Markham, County Contentments, c. 1612  
Markham, The Pleasures of Princes, 1614  
Marston, Walton and the Earlier Fishing Writers, 1903  
Mascall, A Booke of Fishing with Hooke and Line, 1590  
McDonald, The Origins of Angling Lyons Press
Maxwell, Salmon and Sea-Trout, 1898  
Mottram, Fly Fishing, Some New Arts and Mysteries, 1915  
Newberry, Beni Hasan, 1893  
Norris, The American Angler's Book, 1864  
Ogden, Ogden on Fly Tying, 1879  
O'Gorman, The Practice of Angling Particularly as Regards Ireland, 1845 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Peard, A Year of Liberty, 1867  
Penn, Maxims and Hints for Anglers, 1833  
Pequegnot, French Fishing Flies, Nick Lyons Books 1987  
Petit, La Truite de Rivière, 1897  
Pritt, North Country Flies, 1886 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Pryce-Tannatt, How to Dress Salmon Flies, 1914 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Pulman, Vade Mecum of Fly-Fishing, 1841, 1846, 1851  
Pulman, The Book of the Axe, 1854  
Radcliffe, Fishing From the Earliest Times, 192  
Rennie, Alphabet of Angling, 1833  
Righyni, Advanced Salmon Fishing, Macdonald General Books Modern reprint available
Ronalds, An Angler's Entomology, 1836 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Salter, The Angler's True Guide Being a Complete Practical Treatise on Angling, 1808  
Saunders, The Compleat Fisherman, 1724  
Sawyer, Nymphs and the Trout, Stanley Paul, 1958 Modern reprint available
Scotcher, The Fly Fisher's Legacy, Honey Dun Press editon, 1974 Scotcher's Notes, The Honey Dun Press, 1974  
Scott, Greased Line Fishing for Salmon, 1935  
Scott, Fine and Far Off, 1952  
Scrope, Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing, 1843 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Skues, Minor Tactics of the Chalk Stream and Kindred Studies, 1910 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Skues, The Way of a Trout with a Fly, 1921 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Skues, Side-lines, Side-lights & Reflections, 1932 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Skues, Nymph Fishing for Chalk Stream Trout, 1939  
Stewart, The Practical Angler, 1852  
Stoddart, The Angler's Companion to the Rivers and Lochs of Scotland, 1847  
Snart, Practical Observations on Angling in the River Trent, 1801  
Taverner, Certaine Experiments Concerning Fishe and Fruite, 1600  
Taverner, Salmon Fishing, The Lonsdale Library, 1931  
Taylor, Angling in All its Branches, 1800  
Theakston, List of Angling Flies, 1862  
Tolfrey, Jones's Guide to Norway, 1848 Fly Fisher's Classic Library
Turner, Fishing Tackle, A Collector's Guide, Ward Lock, 1989  
Turton, The Angler's Manual, 1836  
Valverde, Manual de Pescador, 1879  
Venables, The Experience'd Angler, or Angler Improved, 1662  
Waddington, Fly Fishing for Salmon, Faber & Faber, 1951  
Wade, Rod Fishing in Clear Waters, 1860  
Walton, The Complete Angler, 1676  
Walton, (ed. Hawker), The Complete Angler, 1760  
Walton, (ed. Edward Jesse,) The Complete Angler, 1867  
Ward, Marvels of Fish Life, 1911  
Wells, The Contemplative Angler, 1842  
Wells, Fly-rods and Fly-tackle, 1885.  
Williams, Angling Diversions  
Williamson, The Complete Angler's Vade Mecum, 1808  
Woolley, Modern Trout Fly Dressing, 1932  
Worlidge, Systema Agriculturae, 1669  
Wulff, The Atlantic Salmon, 1983  


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